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These poems explore the identities we offer, and those we refuse.  Through confessional lines that rend the veil between truth and illusion, Sara Rempe takes us to the places where mercy & forgiveness entwine.           

                                                                --Ghostbird Press 

A fierce love animates Sara Rempe’s moving poems, a bruised language of grief and pain. Clear-eyed and unflinching, Borderland investigates how--in the aftermath of violence, the wounding and being wounded, despite our inevitable scars-- “the heart’s arduous pump” might, against all odds, fuel our uncertain struggle to survive. 

                                                             --Donna Masini, 4:30 Movie 

Sara Rempe's beautiful poems click from murder to marriage to memory with urgency and depth. She is curious about her pain, and traces its edges with skill and surrender. "Give me a new fear," she begs, "now that I am willing to tell the truth." That's what these poems smack of: the hard won truth and agony of a body as it retreats from the isolation of addiction and questionable choices (made and unmade) into compassion, into the light. 


                                                                        -Erin Williams, author of                                  Commute: An Illustrated Memoir of Female Shame

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